Disney’s The Kid (film)

Disney’s The Kid (film) Russ Duritz finds his life as a successful “image consultant” turned upside down when he magically meets Rusty, himself as an 8-year-old child. Rusty is a sweet but slightly geeky, pudgy little kid who is not at all happy with who he turns out to be–a 40-year-old loser without a wife or a dog. Ironically, the kid helps Russ to learn about himself and remember his dreams, in order to become the grown-up he wants to be. Released on July 7, 2000. Directed by Jon Turteltaub. Stars Bruce Willis (Russ), Emily Mortimer (Amy), Spencer Breslin (Rusty), Lily Tomlin (Janet), Chi McBride (Kenny), Jean Smart (Deirdre). 104 min. Official title is Disney’s The Kid because of title rights held by the Charlie Chaplin estate and to emphasize that this is a family film. Released on video in 2001.