Daniel Boone: [I.] The Warrior’s Path (television)

Daniel Boone: [I.] The Warrior’s Path (television) Television show; aired on December 4, 1960. Directed by Lewis R. Foster. In North Carolina, Daniel Boone hears amazing tales about Kentucky and decides to move his family there. But first he has to find the Indian path that will lead him and earn enough money trapping to repay a loan. The Indians are not happy that settlers are coming, and make life difficult for them. Stars Dewey Martin, Mala Powers, Richard Banke, Eddy Waller, Anthony Caruso. Many people erroneously remember the Fess Parker-starring Daniel Boone series as being a Disney show, since it starred the actor who had made Davy Crockett a household name for Disney, but it was not. Parker’s series, made by 20th Century-Fox, aired on NBC from 1964-1970.