Dangerous Minds (television)

Dangerous Minds (television) One-hour television series; premiered on ABC on September 30, 1996, and ended on July 12, 1997. The story of Louanne Johnson, an ex-Marine who comes to teach English to the bright but troubled students in a special high school program at Parkmont High School in Northern California. Totally committed to her students, Johnson is fiercely determined to support them, many of whom are confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles to their goals. Stars Annie Potts (Louanne Johnson), Tamala Jones (Callie Timmons), Cedrick Terrell (James Revill), K. Todd Freeman (Jerome Griffin), Jenny Gago (Amanda Bardales), Greg Serano (Gusmaro Lopez), Maria Costa (Blanca Guerrero), LaToya Howlett (Alvina Edwards), Stanley Anderson (Bud Bartkus). Based on the 1995 feature film.