Dangerous Minds (film)

Dangerous Minds (film) LouAnne Johnson teaches high school English to a group of tough, inner-city teenagers who have already accepted defeat. Her unconventional approach at instilling motivation and self-esteem in her students causes her many problems with a well-meaning but entrenched education establishment that tries to thwart her efforts at every turn. She shows that one person can make a difference. Released on August 11, 1995. A Hollywood Pictures film. Directed by John N. Smith. Stars Michelle Pfeiffer (LouAnne Johnson), George Dzundza (Hal Griffith), Robin Bartlett (Carla Nichols), Courtney Vance (George Grandey). 99 min. Based on the popular 1992 book detailing Johnson’s real life experiences, My Posse Don’t Do Homework. The film was shot at various locations around the Los Angeles area, with more than one third at the Washington Middle School in Pasadena. Some filming also took place at Burlingame High School in Northern California. Interiors were shot on a sound stage at the Warner-Hollywood Studios. Released on video in 1996.