Dadnapped (television)

Dadnapped (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie premiering on February 16, 2009. A girl, Melissa, is frustrated that her father, Neal, a best-selling author, is totally preoccupied with the hero of his spy novels, Tripp Zoome, and the fan activities surrounding the character. Tripp is cool, adventurous, and clever—basically everything Melissa thinks she’s not. During a long overdue father-daughter vacation, her dad goes missing, and now it is up to Melissa to muster the courage and know-how to find him . . . which suddenly puts her in the midst of her own adventurous plot. Directed by Paul Hoen. Stars Emily Osment (Melissa), Jason Earles (Merv), Moises Arias (Andre), David Henrie (Wheeze), George Newbern (Neal), Phill Lewis (Maurice), Denzel Whitaker (Sheldon).