D2: The Mighty Ducks (film)

D2: The Mighty Ducks (film) After an injury sidelines his career, the aggressive lawyer-turned-coach, Gordon Bombay, spends his days sharpening other people’s skate blades at the local sport shop. However, when he is recruited to coach Team USA at the Junior Goodwill Games in Los Angeles, Gordon is reluctantly drawn back to the rink he has come to resent. He reunites his team of misfits to train in California, but the Ducks are quickly dazzled by the West Coast lifestyle, and the lure of earning big bucks with product endorsements. The players neglect their game, and the world championship seems an impossible goal unless Gordon can turn his once plucky players back into a dream team. Released on March 25, 1994. Directed by Sam Weisman. 107 min. Stars Emilio Estevez (Gordon Bombay), Michael Tucker (Tibbles), Jan Rubes (Jan), Kathryn Erbe (Michelle Mackahy), Joshua Jackson (Charlie). A sequel to The Mighty Ducks. The climactic championship face-off between Team USA and the Iceland team was filmed at the new Anaheim Arena, “The Arrowhead Pond,” where the Disney-owned Mighty Ducks NHL team plays. Among the 24,000 extras recruited to fill the stands were many local residents and cast members from nearby Disneyland. Parts of the movie were filmed on location in Minneapolis. Released on video in 1994.