Crash & Bernstein (television)

Crash & Bernstein (television) Series on Disney XD premiering on October 8, 2012 and ending on August 11, 2014. Living in a house full of girls, Wyatt Bernstein desperately wishes for a brother with whom he can do fun guy stuff and who can provide him much needed male reinforcement at home. Enter Crash, a puppet creation that comes to life fully equipped with ninja weapons, strong opinions, an attitude, and never ending energy. Crash helps Wyatt come out of his shell and Wyatt introduces Crash to life as a kid. Stars Cole Jensen (Wyatt), Landry Bender (Cleo), McKenna Grace (Jasmine), Oana Gregory (Amanda), Aaron R. Landon (Pesto), Danny Woodburn (Mr. Poulos), and Tim Lagasse as the voice of Crash. From It’s a Laugh Productions.