Country Bears, The (film)

Country Bears, The (film)  Like other celebrated rock and roll groups, the members of the legendary group, The Country Bears, were torn apart by the perils of their own success—ego, jealousy, and a little too much honey. An eager young fan, Beary Barrington, tries to convince the bitter ex-members of the rock band—brothers Ted and Fred Bedderhead, Tennessee O’Neal, and Zeb Zoober—to put aside their differences and perform a benefit concert to save Country Bear Hall, the legendary venue where the band got its start. Directed by Peter Hastings. Released on July 26, 2002. Stars Christopher Walken (Reed Thimple), Stephen Tobolowsky (Norbert Barrington), Daryl “Chill” Miller (Officer Hamm), M.C. Gainey (Roadie), Diedrich Bader (Officer Cheets and voice of Ted), Alex Rocco (Rip Holland), Candy Ford (voice of Trixie), James Gammon (voice of Big Al), Brad Garrett (voice of Fred), Toby Huss (voice of Tennessee), Kevin Michael Richardson (voice of Henry), Stephen Root (voice of Zeb), Haley Joel Osment (voice of Beary). 88 min. Featured are musical performances or appearances by real-life rock and roll legends Don Henley, John Hiatt, Elton John, Queen Latifah, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, and Brian Setzer. Inspired by the attraction at Walt Disney World. Ironically, the Country Bear Playhouse at Disneyland closed in the previous year. A full-size Country Bear Hall for the movie was constructed at the Disney Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall, California. The Animatronic bear suits were created by the Jim Henson Creature Shop. Released on video in 2002.