Cat from Outer Space, The (film)

Cat from Outer Space, The (film) An off-beat physicist, his girlfriend and an odds-playing co-worker try to help an extraterrestrial space cat, ZUNAR J5/90 DORIC FOURSEVEN, or, in earth talk, Jake, fix his ship before the Army or a power-hungry business man cause a catastrophe by catnapping the feline. The plot thickens when the alien falls for a lovely Persian earth cat, Lucy Belle. Released on June 30, 1978. Directed by Norman Tokar. 103 min. Stars Ken Berry (Frank), Sandy Duncan (Liz), Harry Morgan (Gen. Stilton), Roddy McDowall (Stallwood), McLean Stevenson (Link), Jesse White (Earnest Ernie), Alan Young (Dr. Wenger), Hans Conried (Dr. Heffel), Ronnie Schell (Sgt. Duffy), William Prince (Mr. Olympus). The cat, Jake, was actually played by two Abyssinian cats—Rumple and his twin sister Amber. The Abyssinian breed was selected by the producers because they thought it looked more “alien.” Ronnie Schell provided the voice for Jake. The movie was shot on the Disney Studio lot, in a soundstage and in the Roy O. Disney building, at a hangar at the Burbank airport, and on an army base built for the film on the studio’s 708-acre Golden Oak Ranch.