Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios The Disney corporate headquarters, located at the corner of Buena Vista and Alameda in Burbank, California, at 500 South Buena Vista Street. Built in 1940, the Studio covers 44 acres. There are buildings for animation, camera, sound recording, live action production, editing, costume, music, marketing, and so on. There were originally backlot sets, but these have given way to offices (see Backlot). One soundstage was built in 1940, and three more were added over the next two decades (stage four was eventually divided into two separate stages). Two more soundstages were added in 1997.  The most famous landmark is a signpost at the corner of Mickey Avenue and Dopey Drive. It was placed there for the Studio tour segment of The Reluctant Dragon in 1941 and never removed. There were earlier Disney Studios on Kingswell Avenue (1923) and Hyperion Avenue (1926).