Atlantis: The Lost Empire (film)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (film) In 1914, an inexperienced young museum cartographer and linguistics expert, Milo Thatch, joins up with a group of daredevil explorers in an expedition funded by an eccentric billionaire, Preston B. Whitmore, to find the legendary lost empire of Atlantis. Milo is continuing a quest begun by his late grandfather. Utilizing a long-lost journal which provides new clues to the location, they embark in a state-of-the-art submarine, the Ulysses, under fearless but cunning Commander Rourke. But what they find defies their expectations—crystal energy that has kept the Atlantis inhabitants alive.  Rourke steals the crystals and kidnaps the Atlantean Princess Kida. It is up to Milo to come to the rescue, save the princess, and protect the city from certain doom. Directed by Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale. Released in New York and Los Angeles on June 8, and nationwide on June 15, 2001. World premiere was at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood on June 3. Voices include Michael J. Fox (Milo Thatch), James Garner (Commander Rourke), Cree Summer (Princess Kida), Leonard Nimoy (King of Atlantis), Phil Morris (Dr. Sweet), Jacqueline Obradors (Audrey Ramirez), Claudie Christian (Helga Sinclair), John Maloney (Preston B. Whitmore), Jim Varney (Cookie), David Ogden Stiers (Fenton Q. Harcourt), Don Novello (Vinny Santorini), Florence Stanley (Mrs. Packard). 96 min. James Newton Howard composed the film’s epic score. The directors based the design on the style of cult comic book artist, Mike Mignola, who served as an artistic consultant. For the Atlanteans, an original readable, speakable language was created by linguistics expect Marc Okrand. Filmed in Cinemascope. Released on video in 2002. See Atlantis: Milo’s Return for sequel.