Almost Home (television)

Almost Home (television) Television series, aired on NBC from February 6 to July 3, 1993. Continued the story of The Torkelsons. Seattle businessman, Brian Morgan, has offered homespun Millicent Torkelson a job as the live-in nanny to his two rebellious teenagers, so, the Torkelson clan packs up their small town life in Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma, and heads for the big city. Blending the two families is as natural as mixing oil and water, but with her sunny approach to life, Millicent sets out to bridge the gap. Stars Connie Ray (Millicent Torkelson), Olivia Burnette (Dorothy Jane), Lee Norris (Chuckie Lee), Rachel Duncan (Mary Sue), Perry King (Brian Morgan), Brittany Murphy (Molly Morgan), Jason Marsden (Gregory Morgan).