Adventures in Babysitting (television, 2016)

A Disney Channel Original Movie, premiering on Jun. 24, 2016. Jenny Parker and Lola Perez are two teen girls with distinctly different personalities. Due to accidently swapped phones, the dependable Jenny and audacious Lola are set to babysit two separate families on the same night. Lola’s first attempt at babysitting takes an unforeseen turn when one of her charges sneaks out to go to a concert. Jenny, who has a reputation to protect, with Lola and the remaining kids head out and have the adventure of a lifetime during one magical night in the big city. Directed by John Schultz. Stars Sabrina Carpenter (Jenny), Sofia Carson (Lola), Nikki Hahn (Emily Cooper), Max Gecowets (Trey Anderson), Jet Jurgensmeyer (Bobby Anderson), Madison Horcher (AJ Anderson), Kevin Quinn (Zac Chase). Based on the 1987 film.