Absent-Minded Professor, The: Trading Places (television)

Absent-Minded Professor, The: Trading Places (television)  Henry Crawford is persuaded by ex-roommate Jack Brooker to switch places. Henry will go to work at the top secret Rhinebloom Labs, and Jack will teach Henry’s classes. What Henry doesn’t know is that Jack is worried that the lab may be involved in something illegal. When Henry tries to find out what is going on by using his computer, Albert, a virus is put into the computer. Henry and Jack learn the project is a weapons system, and, by using Flubber, they are able to sabotage a demonstration. Aired on February 26, 1989. Directed by Bob Sweeney. Stars Harry Anderson (Henry Crawford), Mary Page Keller (Ellen), Ed Begley Jr. (Jack Brooker), James Noble (Dean Blount), Richard Sanders (Dr. Dark), Ron Fassler (Hacker). A sequel to the 1988 television episode, The Absent-Minded Professor.