13th Warrior, The (film)

13th Warrior, The (film) When an important emissary from Baghdad, Ibn Fahdlan, accompanied by his manservent, Melchisidek, is abducted by a band of Viking warriors, he is forced to join their quest to battle cannibal creatures legendary for consuming every living thing in their path. Ibn realizes he must conquer his fear and go to battle with the warriors or face being devoured as well. A Touchstone film. Directed by John McTiernan. Released on August 27, 1999. Stars Antonio Banderas (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan), Diane Venora (Queen Weilew), Omar Sharif (Melchisidek), Vladimir Kulich (Buliwyf), Dennis Storhoi (Herger the Joyous), Sven Wollter (King Hrothgar). 103 min. Based on the novel, Eaters of the Dead, by Michael Crichton. In searching for the perfect Northern setting, the filmmakers traveled extensively before settling on the North Central coast of Vancouver Island, near Campbell River, British Columbia, at Elk Bay. Filmed in CinemaScope. Released on video in 2000.