Muppet*Vision 3D

Do You Remember These Muppet*Vision 3D Quotes?

By Steven Vagnini

We can’t believe Muppet*Vision 3D premiered 26 years ago today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Whether you’re a fan of Muppet Labs’ advanced scientific enhancements or cheap 3-D tricks; Kermit, Fozzie, and Miss Piggy; or Dorothy, Dinah, and Max, there’s so much to love about the spectacular presentation on its silver anniversary. (In fact, we couldn’t even decide on our favorite moment from the show!)

Think YOU’RE the ultimate Muppet*Vision 3D fan? It’s time to play the music, light the lights, and put your Muppet knowledge to the test! See if you can accurately fill in the blank of these favorite Muppet*Vision 3D quotes… and be sure to check your answer at the end!


“It’s called ‘A Salute to All Nations, but Mostly _______.’”—Sam Eagle

Fozzie: “How did you get here?”
Waldorf: “We entered a contest.”
Statler: “Yeah, _______!”

“We invited distinguished scientists from all over the world to come and work here. Unfortunately, _________________.”—Kermit

Fozzie hits himself with a pie
Kermit: “Fozzie, that’s terrible.”
Fozzie: “You’re right! __________.”

Bean Bunny: “I’m going away… forever.”
Gonzo: “Oh great, could you ___________?”

Kermit: “Sam, are you about ready?”
Sam: “Yes, it’s a glorious three-hour finale.”
Kermit: “You got a ______________.”

Sam Eagle: “You are not Mickey Mouse! You are a rat.”
Rizzo: “Rat, schmat! Besides, they’re _______. What do they know?”

Kermit: “Gee, is there anything Bean can do in the final number?”
Fonzie: “Oh, gosh. Maybe Bean can ________________!”

Statler: “Well, what do you think?”
Waldorf: “Do we have time to go to the bathroom before the next show?”
Statler: “We can’t, you old fool. We’re ______________!”

Sam Eagle: “First, when entering the theater, please move as far to the end of the row as possible. Stopping in the middle is distinctly _________.”

Muppet*Vision 3D
© The Muppets Studio, LLC


1. America

2. We lost

3. None of them showed up

4. Needs more sugar

5. Get me a sandwich

6. Minute and a half

7. Tourists

8. Set off the fireworks

9. Bolted to the seats

10. Unpatriotic