Woo-oo! Check Out This News Straight Out Of Duckburg!

By Karina Schink

Life is definitely like a hurricane in Duckburg, because we are reeling from the latest turn of events! On this morning’s one-hour season finale of DuckTales, a rarely seen character made an unexpected appearance!

Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) has originated the voice of Della Duck, Donald’s twin sister—and long-lost mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie! But, Della is no stranger to the wonderful world of television. She made her initial appearance earlier in the series, but she was first mentioned in a Donald Duck newspaper comic strip and animated short film in the late 1930s!

Paget Brewster (<em>Criminal Minds</em>) has originated the voice of Della Duck

Just like her children, Della Duck is quite the adventurer. A fearless pilot and explorer, she used to join her brother and their Uncle Scrooge on all of their escapades to chart the unknown.

But, there was still a part of her past that remained unclear. Where has she been all this time? We learned earlier in the season that she became lost in the dark abyss while piloting Scrooge’s secret rocket ship and got caught in a cosmic storm. As we saw in the finale, the explorer has been stranded on the moon, longing to return to her three sons.

Woo-ooo! We can’t wait for season two! Be sure to catch the season finale on DisneyNOW.