Whiskey Cavalier

Whiskey Cavalier Goes Down Smooth—Just Ask Its Stars

By Zach Johnson

ABC’s newest series is, ironically, a throwback. Whiskey Cavalier, an hour-long action dramedy making its debut right after the Oscars® February 24, co-stars Scott Foley as tough but tender FBI agent Will Chase (code name: “Whiskey Cavalier”) and Lauren Cohan as beautiful and bold CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge (code name: “Fiery Tribune”). Together, the unlikely duo partners up to lead an inter-agency team of fearless, flawed, and funny spies—all while navigating new friendships, romances, and office politics. “It’s got this old school charm to it you don’t see that much anymore,” says Cohan. “We’re really just trying to have fun and let our viewers have fun.”

Whiskey Cavalier

Foley, fresh off his six-season run as Jake Ballard on ABC’s Scandal, agrees. “It’s a throwback, in a way, to some of the shows people might have grown up with… shows that, for whatever reason, the networks stopped making years ago,” the actor says. “We’re trying to bring it back.”

The series, hailing from writer/executive producer David Hemingson and executive producer Bill Lawrence and Jeff Ingold, also stars Vir Das as Jai Datta, Josh Hopkins as Ray Prince, Ana Ortiz as Susan Sampson, and Tyler James Williams as Edgar Standish. According to Cohan, Whiskey Cavalier puts “different people and disparate ideologies” together in a way “that’s compelling and fun.”

Whiskey Cavalier

Foley promises the “sexy, romantic spy world” in the 13-episode first season will appeal to Disney fans of all ages. “What are Walt Disney World and Disneyland for? They’re for escaping, right? If you want to escape your problems or whatever you’re dealing with, Whiskey Cavalier will take you there,” he says. “It’s a great escapist fantasy, just like Disneyland and Walt Disney World.”

Echoing her co-star’s sentiments, Cohan believes Whiskey Cavalier has a “binge-able” quality—one with an “infectious,” broad appeal. “The fun thing about this show,” the actress explains, “is you can jump in at some point—having not seen an episode—and still enjoy it as a capsule.”

Whiskey Cavalier will re-air its premiere episode Wednesday, February 27, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.