Winnie the Pooh

Which Friend of Christopher Robin Are You?

By Karina Schink

The Hundred Acre Wood is filled with lots of lovable characters that we often find ourselves relating to. Do you think, think, think too much? Do you always find yourself giving advice to all of your friends? Or do you find yourself constantly craving a little something sweet? Well, this test will tell which one of Christopher Robin’s friends you truly are.

How would your friends describe you?
A. A leader
B. Playful
C. Hungry
D. Creative
E. Honest
F. Wise
H. Responsible

What superlative would you have been dubbed in school?
A. Most Likely to Succeed
B. Best Smile
C. Best Dressed
D. Most Likely to Write a Book
E. Most Likely to Win the Lottery but Lose the Ticket
F. Teacher’s Pet
G. Class Clown
H. Best Shoulder to Cry On

What do you wish was your hobby?
A. Stamp Collecting
B. Hiking
C. Cooking
D. Painting and drawing
E. Listening to music
F. Knitting
G. Improv comedy
H. Gardening

Choose an animated sidekick
A. Tinker Bell
B. Flounder
C. Morph
D. Sven
E. Sebastian
F. Jiminy Cricket
G. Thumper ­
H. Baymax

Where are you and your friends hanging out this weekend?
A. At a political event
B. Wherever they want to go is fine with me!
C. At a hip new restaurant (if we can get in)
D. Camping
E. At home. Alone.
F. At a museum
G. At a theme park
H. At the beach

Pick your favorite Disney Song
A. “Let It Go”
B. “Friend Like Me”
C. “Winnie the Pooh”
D. “Part of Your World”
E. “Poor Unfortunate Soul”
F. “Un Poco Loco”
G. “Hakuna Matata”
H. “Circle of Life”


Mostly As: Rabbit
You got Rabbit! You’re a true born leader, and while you may be stubborn at times, everyone knows that you consider your friends to be the most important things in your life. They turn to you as a leader, but also because they know you’ll always have their backs (even when you’re stubborn about it).

Mostly Bs: Piglet
You got Piglet! While you’re small in size, your heart is one of the biggest in the Wood! You are kind and compassionate, and everyone you meet is a friend of yours, as far as you are concerned. Even though you love spending time with your friends, you’re not always the loudest, and s-s-simply enjoy being in their company.

Mostly Cs: Winnie the Pooh
You got Pooh! While we know that you’re quite the foodie and have a seemingly bottomless pit in your stomach, nothing matters more to you than your friends. You’re always the one making plans and getting everyone together—and you always bring the snacks, too!

Mostly Ds: Roo
You got Roo! While you may be one of the tiniest in the group, you certainly have a big personality! Your imagination spreads far and wide, and your curiosity for the world with it! All of your friends are always excited to hear about your latest project or adventure, because they never know where you’re bouncing off to next!

Mostly Es: Eeyore
You got Eeyore! It’s no secret to anyone that you’re not always the most, well, optimistic one in the group. But, you can certainly dish out some of the greatest one-liners. You can be a bit sarcastic at times, but all of your friends enjoy your wry sense of humor.

Mostly Fs: Owl
You got Owl! Hoot, hoot, you’re certainly the sage one in the group! Your friends often look to you for words of wisdom, and you enjoy being the one they consult, too. Even if you don’t always have the right answer, you’ll always try to help.

Mostly Gs: Tigger
You got Tigger! My, my, you’re bounding with energy! You never have to stop for a second cup of coffee, because your exuberance for life always gets you through the day (and sometimes late into the night!). You have an infectious personality, and your happiness rubs off on every one you come across, so it’s easy to see why your friends think you’re one-of-a-kind!

Mostly Hs: Kanga
You got Kanga! You’re definitely the mom of the group. Not only do you approach everyone and everything with kindness and love, you’re also one of the best huggers in the group. Your friends come to you when they need someone to talk to who they trust, and you’re always ready to accept them with open arms (or an open pouch!).