Underdog is Released

Dog lovers everywhere couldn’t help but be charmed by Underdog, the story of a bumbling beagle who is kidnapped for guinea pig purposes by Capitol City’s evil Simon Bar Sinister. He escapes Bar Sinister’s evil clutches, but not before being exposed to mysterious substances that not only enable him to speak but that also give him the powers of a Super Hero. Adopted by a 12-year-old boy named Jack and given the name Shoeshine, the lovable dog is eventually persuaded to use his newly found powers to save the citizens of Capitol City—earning the sobriquet Underdog for his efforts. This dog definitely has its day, and Underdog has become not only a classic canine caper, but also features the talents of several stars beloved by Disney fans, including Amy Adams, the voice of Polly, Patrick Warburton, and Brad Garrett.