Soundstage 2 rededicated

Soundstage 2 at Walt Disney Studios is Rededicated

Soundstage 2 at The Walt Disney Studios has a rich history of magic created within its four walls. It was initially where the original Dragnet television series was filmed. Although not a Disney production, there was plenty of room at the time to “rent” the stage to Jack Webb. Many attractions for Disneyland were constructed on the stage, including most of the Mark Twain riverboat. Other television and film productions include the Mickey Mouse Club, Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, and The Rocketeer. One particular film of note, Mary Poppins, was shot on the stage between June and September of 1963. Between October and December of 2000, Julie Andrews returned to the stage to film The Princess Diaries. On this day in 2001, it seemed fitting that the stage was officially dedicated as the Julie Andrews Stage. Complete with the Disneyland Band playing selections from Mary Poppins, Roy E. Disney, songwriter Richard M. Sherman, Dick Van Dyke, and others were on hand for the special dedication and to share fond memories of Julie. In her speech, Julie said, “Memories just come flooding back… rehearsing on the back lot in that excruciating heat. It firmed us up and got us healthy… Just all the wonderful things, the chimney sweep sequence, the Cherry Tree Lane stuff, wonderful memories. And now, I have a whole bunch of new memories, The Princess Diaries.” That film was released the following day, and Julie stated, “The fun we had making that movie! I’m just going to have a whole host of new memories.”