Pluto's Heart Throb

Pluto’s Heart Throb is Released

On this day in 1950, it was love at first sight for Pluto in the cartoon short Pluto’s Heart Throb, when our lovable dog spots a cute canine, Dinah, and is struck by Cupid’s arrow. Well, in reality he is beaten over the head with the bow of the little dog cherub, who soon assists in turning Dinah’s muzzle toward Pluto as well. Pluto had been smitten with the delicate dachshund since her first appearance in The Sleepwalker in 1942, and Dinah went on to appear in a total of five cartoons. But soon Pluto had to vie for her attention with Butch, his raging rival, who appeared in a total of 11 cartoons beginning with Bone Trouble in 1940. In the end, Pluto saves Dinah from drowning, and the two fall head over paws for each other.