Follow Me Boys

Follow Me Boys Premieres

Pictured left to right Kurt Russell, Fred MacMurray, and Ricky Kelman

The heartwarming and humorous Follow Me, Boys! starred Disney Legend Fred MacMurray, who gave a sensitive performance as boy scout leader Lemuel Siddons. Disney scouted for great talent to make the film, and Follow Me, Boys! co-starred another Disney Legend in his very first screen appearance, Kurt Russell. The film also featured Vera Miles, who starred in such classic Hollywood films such as Psycho and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance as well as a handful of Disney films, including Those Calloways. Charlie Ruggles, who appeared in countless movies and television programs, also appeared in the film (if his voice sounds familiar, it may be because he voiced Benjamin Franklin in the animated Ben and Me), along with Luana Patten, who made her screen debut 20 years earlier in Song of the South, and legendary silent film star Lillian Gish, who made her silent screen debut in 1912. Sadly, this was the last Disney film released before Walt passed away just 14 days later.