The X-Files

20th Century Fox “Spooktacular” – 1990s: The X-Files

By Christina Pappous, Walt Disney Archives Halloween is here at last! We are ready to don our festive costumes and fill up our Trick-or-Treat bags with delicious candy. But first, let’s glean a little investigative inspiration from the final installment of our 20th Century Fox “Spooktacular.” We are hot on the case of The X-Files, …

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20th Century Fox “Spooktacular” – 1980s: Predator

By Christina Pappous, Walt Disney Archives This film is for mature audiences. Halloween is just a couple weeks away and with it, all manner of spooky, scary creatures have begun haunting us… Among these ghouls and goblins, there may be a particularly scary creature lurking in the shadows of the jungle. Get to the chopper …

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halloween invasion

D23 Halloween Invasion Stencils and Decorations

By the D23 Team Please note, these stencils are not for beginner pumpkin carvers. Kids, be sure to have an adult help you with the carving tools! What you will need for the stencils:    Ready-to-carve pumpkin Standard printer paper Soft graphite pencil Clear tape Ballpoint pen Black permanent marker Pumpkin-carving tools Instructions:  Download and …

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shopDisney halloween

Halloween Treats from ShopDisney Perfect for Frighting Up Your Life

By the D23 Team If you’re filled with the Halloween spirit and want the world around you to be as fang-tastic as you feel, just head over to shopDisney for an array of ghoulish delights guaranteed to haunt your halls and make your fashion fearsome. D23 Gold Members, don’t forget during your spectral shopping spree …

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

20th Century Fox “Spooktacular” – 1970s: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Christina Pappous, Walt Disney Archives This film is for mature audiences. Halloween is creeping up ever closer, and with the eerie flicker of jack-o’-lanterns lighting our way through a stormy evening, we are continuing our journey through some of the most “spooktacular” films from 20th Century Fox. What awaits us now is perhaps the …

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Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

Which D23 Halloween Invasion Movie Should You Watch for Halloween?

By Jocelyn Buhlman All month long, D23 is getting into the Halloween spirit with an out-of-this-world twist. D23 Halloween Invasion is the ultimate sci-fi Halloween, beaming all the fun and frights from Disney and classic Fox film universes to your living room. The month has just begun, and there’s a wealth of wacky, weird, and …

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Planet of the Apes

20th Century Fox “Spooktacular” – 1960s: Planet of the Apes

By Christina Pappous, Walt Disney Archives Fall is officially upon us and Halloween is creeping just around the corner! To celebrate, our 20th Century Fox “Spooktacular” continues on to our next stop: that most swingin’ of decades—the 1960s. We’re not “monkeying” around when we say our next film explores what could await humanity in a …

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the day the earth stood still

20th Century Fox “Spooktacular” – 1950s: The Day the Earth Stood Still

By Christina Pappous, Walt Disney Archives With the leaves falling from trees and temperatures getting cooler, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit by continuing our tour through the decades and looking at some of the most haunting films from 20th Century Fox. For the 1950s—the era of milkshakes, drive-ins, and the Cold War—we shall witness …

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Nightmare Alley

20th Century Fox “Spooktacular” – 1940s: Nightmare Alley

By Christina Pappous, Walt Disney Archives As fall swiftly approaches, and with it, the scariest of holidays—Halloween!—we’re taking a “spooktacular” decade-by-decade tour through the most haunting films from 20th Century Fox. While our first stop on the tour may not trade in ghouls and ghosts, Nightmare Alley (1947) asks a question perhaps scarier than anything else: …

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A Haunted Mansion Tale

Original Story by: Ken Anderson Compiled and Edited By: Amy Opoka, Walt Disney Archives In early 1957, Walt Disney asked Imagineer and story artist Ken Anderson to come up with a haunted house experience for Disneyland. Ken conceived multiple early concepts for what would become the Haunted Mansion attraction, and pitched them to Walt Disney. …

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The Fly

What’s the Buzz — A look at The Fly

By Cesar Gallegos, Walt Disney Archives To help celebrate the Halloween season, let’s take a look back at a classic science fiction tale of transformation, The Fly. This 20th Century Fox film from 1958 starred David Hedison, Patricia Owens, and notable horror and science fiction actor, Vincent Price. Adapted from George Langelaan’s short story of …

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Halloween Shorts on Disney+

7 Spooky Shorts You Can Watch on Disney+ Right Now!

By The D23 Team With Halloween just around the corner, we’re more than ready to get into the spooky spirit this weekend by skele-brating the 68th anniversary of the iconic Disney animated short Trick or Treat! Featuring Donald Duck and his mischievous nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie as their All Hallows Eve goes hilariously awry, …

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Mickey Halloween Cookies - iris

Hidden Mickey Halloween Cookies Recipe

Enjoy this deliciously amazing recipe from our friends at Disney Family! With the spooky season upon us, what better way to celebrate than with some colorful Hidden Mickey Halloween Cookies?! The chocolate cookie outside and gooey cream center will have all the little ghosts and ghouls asking for more. Oh, boy! Ingredients Cookie Ingredients: 1 cup …

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The Evil Queen's Poison Apples - iris

The Evil Queen’s Mini Poison Apple Pies Recipe

Just one bite of this mini pie, and all your dreams will come true! This cranberry apple pie inspired by The Evil Queen is wickedly delicious. Keep scrolling to learn how to make this adorably scary Poison Apple Pie recipe inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Enjoy this deliciously amazing recipe from our …

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Trick or Treat

Did You Know? 8 Frightfully Fascinating Facts About Trick or Treat

By Jim Fanning On October 10, 1952, Walt Disney’s Trick or Treat flew into theatres just in time for Halloween—and for 65 years, this classic animated short has hilariously haunted audiences with an autumnal bounty of boo-tiful laughs. Both scary and sweet, Trick or Treat details how, on one eventful All Hallows Eve, Donald Duck …

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