Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

Which D23 Halloween Invasion Movie Should You Watch for Halloween?

By Jocelyn Buhlman

All month long, D23 is getting into the Halloween spirit with an out-of-this-world twist. D23 Halloween Invasion is the ultimate sci-fi Halloween, beaming all the fun and frights from Disney and classic Fox film universes to your living room. The month has just begun, and there’s a wealth of wacky, weird, and wonderful sci-fi films to choose from. Need help picking your first film to watch? Whether you’re an earthling, an alien, or a robot programmed to love movies, this quiz will help you find the perfect film to kick off your intergalactic Halloween celebration!

What kind of Halloween movie do you like to watch?

Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

What kind of animal would you want for a pet?

Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

If you were in a sci-fi movie, what would your role be?

Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

Aliens have landed on Earth! What do you do?

Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

What kind of alien creature would you most like to meet?

Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

Ok, fine. If you had a robot, what skill would you want it to have?

Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

Pick a piece of technology from a Disney film that you wish was real

Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

Finally, what are your Halloween costume plans?

Halloween Invasion Movie quiz

Halloween Invasion Movie Quiz
You should watch: The Cat From Outer Space

the cat from outer space

Since your taste in sci-fi films is less about scary, try something su-purr-natural instead. This quirky live-action Disney classic has it all: a boy, a girl, and… a talking alien cat? The Cat from Outer Space is more of an offbeat comedy than a fright fest, following the adventures of “Jake” the cat when his spaceship crash lands on Earth. The humans who help Jake soon discover there are nefarious forces out to cat-nap the intergalactic feline. Spies and criminals won’t stop the humans from helping their new friend—after all, with an alien that’s so dang cute, you’d want to help him out, too!
You should watch: Lilo & Stitch

lilo & stitch

Want a sci-fi film that’s less about intergalactic travel and more about the friends we make along the way? Lilo & Stitch is a beloved Disney animated film about Stitch, an escaped alien convict programmed to destroy—until he meets an outcast young girl, Lilo, who sees the best in him. This blossoming friendship is threatened by the wacky (and sometimes scary) aliens trying to capture Stitch and return him to intergalactic prison.
You should watch: Avatar


When you think “sci-fi,” you’re thinking about visiting another planet—not just visiting, but immersing yourself in the nature, the culture, the wildlife… If you could become an alien yourself, you’d do it! While we can’t travel to other planets (…yet), the next closest thing is watching Avatar, the groundbreaking epic film about Jake, a former Marine who operates the body of an “avatar,” a hybrid of humans and the local species, the Na’vi. In his avatar, Jake becomes acquainted with the Na’vi and their culture and realizes that humanity’s attempt to colonize the planet is a terrible mistake. The film is iconic for its innovative use of motion capture and visual effects to create the Na’vi and their immersive home planet of Pandora.
You should watch: The Black Hole

the black hole

Just because you’re in space doesn’t mean you can’t be a little freaked out—that’s your philosophy for picking a sci-fi film, anyway. If you don’t want to graduate to full on thrills and chills, but wouldn’t mind a little bit of fear mixed in with your robots and lasers, it’s time for you to watch The Black Hole. The film follows the crew of humans and robots traveling in spacecraft U.S.S. Palomino, who stumble across a—you guessed it!—black hole with the abandoned U.S.S. Cygnus drifting in its wake. The crew of the Palomino investigate—but what they find inside is not what it seems…
You should watch: Flight of the Navigator

flight of the navigator

For you, sci-fi is all about adventure: meeting strange aliens, discovering new planets, flying in unimaginable spacecraft. Buckle up for your next adventure, the live-action hidden gem Flight of the Navigator. Twelve-year-old-David Freeman falls and is knocked unconscious—when he awakens, eight years have passed, but David has not aged at all. At the hospital David discovers he has a link to a mysterious spaceship that crash landed on Earth… And so begins his journey to becoming “The Navigator,” the key to helping the crash-landed aliens return home.