Frozen Fever As Told By Emoji

Short and Sweet: The Story Behind As Told By Emoji

In this digital day and age, folks often prefer texting over making a phone call. It’s quicker, sure—but you also have the option of getting your message across with, well, symbols. They’re called emoji, which means “picture character” in Japanese. Open the texting app in your smartphone of choice and you have hundreds of adorable, hilarious, and sometimes…

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Make Frozen As Told By Emoji Gift Tags

Ever thought an entire Disney movie could be told through your phone’s emoji, and in just a couple of minutes? The good folks behind Frozen As Told By Emoji did just that—and adorably, to boot. Since the first short’s debut in February 2015, the team has given the emoji treatment to Tangled and Aladdin—and just premiered their brand-new Frozen Fever As Told By…

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Frozen Reminds Fans, “Family Is The Best Gift of All”

The holiday season is upon us—there’s a chill in the air this morning, but our hearts couldn’t be warmer thanks to a holiday message from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen, reminding everyone that “Family Is The Best Gift of All.”

“In both Frozen and Frozen Fever, the concept of family was explored and celebrated. By the end of the feature…

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Catch Frozen Fever and See Phineas and Ferb Act Their Age (Plus 10!) and More in News Briefs for February 3, 2015

We’ve Caught Frozen Fever!
Let’s be honest—we really caught Frozen Fever the first time we heard Idina Menzel sing “Let It Go.” But we’re gearing up for an awesome relapse with the debut of Frozen Fever, the short that will premiere in front of Cinderella when that feature hits theaters March 13. In this new featurette, Frozen directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee…

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