Ludwig Von Drake and Walt Disney

Seven Things We’ve “Learned” From Disney in the Classroom

By Jim Fanning You’ve heard of the three R’s—“reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic”—but when it comes to Disney in the classroom, it’s more about the three E’s: entertainment, engagement, and, of course, enchantment. For decades, teachers have used Disney films to open the minds and excite the imaginations of their students. “Educational films will never replace the …

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Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land

Doing the Math: Donald in Mathmagic Land

As people around the globe celebrate Donald’s 90th anniversary, D23 looks back at a Disney educational film that served its own spoonful of sugar to help the medicine (i.e. mathematics!) go down. Donald in Mathmagic Land (1959) remains one of the most popular and inspiring educational films in history, ingeniously presenting the world of math …

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Wendy, Donald, Sebastian, and Toad

Can You Guess These Disney Middle Names?

March 11 marks Middle Name Pride Day, a chance for those of us with middle names to shout ’em from the rooftops! No one can truly pinpoint how long middle (or “second”) names have existed in the English language—but we do know that the practice of putting a name between someone’s given (“first”) name and …

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Popular toys of disney past

Popular Toys of Disney’s Past

The year was 1929. A young Walt Disney is sitting in the bustling lobby of a New York City hotel when a man approached with an intriguing offer. Soon after, the very first licensed Mickey Mouse merchandise item was born: a children’s writing tablet featuring the world-famous mouse. In the years that followed, Christmas would …

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Giving Thanks for Our Favorite Disney Families

Thanksgiving is a time for family—and though that endearing term often refers to a traditional blood-related grouping of mom, dad and the kids, the fam that gathers for the feast can come in all sizes and shapes and configurations. For the Disney fanatic, D23 has cooked up a full menu of favorite Disney families for …

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Disney Ghosts: Our Frightful Favorites

The crypt doors are creaking and the tombstones are quaking, which only means one thing … grim-grinning ghosts are soon to socialize! With Halloween just around the corner, we went hunting for all manner of Disney ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. But these particular spirits are not-so-scary—they’re more likely to make you laugh, or even offer …

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Toy Tinkers concept art

Disney Holiday Favorite Toy Tinkers

By D23 Team Released on December 16, 1949—Toy Tinkers follows the Christmastime adventures of Chip an’ Dale, as they invade Donald’s home to purloin the candy and nuts hoarded there for holiday gifts. Donald hits upon the happy thought that a Santa Claus disguise will bring the mischievous pair within range of his punishing hand, …

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