Skeleton Gardland - 1

Make This Skeleton Dance-Inspired Garland to Add Some Silly Spooks to Your House

By D23 Team

October is here, and you can feel it in your bones—it’s time to decorate for Halloween! If you’re a Disney fan (and we know you are), you’ll need seasonal décor to match your passion, and we have the perfect thing to add ghoulish delight to your home: This silly garland inspired by The Skeleton Dance! Print out the skeletons and follow along with the instructions below to craft a garland that will turn your home into a Haunted Mansion in no time.

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Click here, right click the image to save and download the printable skeletons, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Print several copies of the skeletons PDF on 8.5” x 11” card stock. We recommend at least 5 sheets (20 skeletons total)
  2. Cut individual skeletons out with scissors, following the black lines. Kids, get help from an adult!
  3. Use a hole punch to cut out a small hole on each skeleton’s elbow.
  4. Thread string or ribbon through the front of the left elbow and up through the back of the right elbow of each skeleton, attaching them together.
  5. Use tape to hang your Skeleton Dance garland wherever you please. For longer garlands, you may need to add tape to the middle in addition to both ends.