Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab Are the Cutest Robots Since WALL•E and Eve

By Zach Johnson

Smash and Grab is, as its title suggests, a total smash.

Pixar Animation Studios’ SparkShorts series continues today with a new entry from director Brian Larsen and producer David Lally. The short, part of an experimental storytelling initiative within the studio, tells the story of two robots who dream of leaving their demanding day jobs…

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2319 day

Happy 2319 from the D23 Team!

By Justin Arthur

On February 3, 2019 (get it? 2/3/19?), D23 is declaring it 2319 Day, in honor of one of our favorite Monster’s Inc. moments. So break out the snow cones!

Artist Jerrod Maruyama scared up this incredible image to celebrate the day with us. Check out more of his amazing work at the WonderGround Gallery and at the Epcot International Festival of…

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Disney bowls

The Super New Bowl Trend Coming to Disney Parks

By Karina Schink

From the recent debut of the Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland Resort, to the impending opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on both coasts, you may have noticed that things are changing a bit at some of our favorite Disney Parks.

There are a lot of good eats making delectable debuts. From savory baos to ramen shakers, the chefs have been hard at…

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Kingdom Hearts III

The Voices Behind Goofy and Donald Duck Reflect on 17 Years of Kingdom Hearts

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Across the stunning 10-game saga of Kingdom Hearts, when you play as Sora, there are always two familiar faces by your side: Goofy and Donald. That’s right—your epic journey through the worlds of Disney is aided by none other than two classic, comic Disney characters. They join plucky, young Sora again in Kingdom Hearts III, out now for Xbox…

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Sleeping Beauty concept art

You Need to See This Royally Rare Sleeping Beauty Concept Art

By Jocelyn Buhlman

60 years ago, we fell under the spell of Sleeping Beauty, the gorgeously animated Disney film known for its unique style inspired by illuminated manuscripts. From the lush backgrounds to the enchanting character designs, the art from this Disney animated classic is unforgettable. To celebrate Sleeping Beauty’s milestone anniversary, check out…

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Sydney to the Max

Everything You Need to Know About Disney Channel’s Sydney to the Max

By Beth Deitchman

“When I was your age…” What kid hasn’t heard those words come out of a parent’s mouth? And what mother or father hasn’t uttered them? Disney Channel’s brand-new comedy Sydney to the Max follows middle schooler Sydney Reynolds as she faces the challenges of life as a modern tween, growing up in the house that her dad, Max, was raised…

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Sleeping Beauty

11 Royal Facts You Might Not Know About Sleeping Beauty

By Jim Fanning

Released on January 29, 1959, Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is celebrating 60 years of timeless characters, magnificent music of the classical kind, and dazzling animated artistry. One of the most elaborate animated features ever produced, this enchanting epic tells the spellbinding tale of a lovely princess cursed by an evil fairy to fall into a…

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Sleeping Beauty art

How Eyvind Earle’s Stunning Art Made Sleeping Beauty a “Moving Illustration”

By Charles Solomon

The amazing artwork of Sleeping Beauty has now become iconic for its unique detail and shape, but how did the stunning designs of this animated classic come to be?

The day Walt Disney put the first scenes from Sleeping Beauty into production, he told sequence director Eric Larson, “What we want out of this is a moving illustration. I don’t…

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Josh Strickland and Kevin Massey

A Tale of Two Tarzans: Secrets from #ArtfulEpcot’s Broadway Concert Series

By Jeffrey Epstein

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts is a celebration of creativity on all levels—visual, culinary, and performance. And for the latter, the creative forces at Disney Parks tapped the treasure trove of talent from Disney Theatrical Group, inviting the stars of the Great White Way to take to the stage for unforgettable performances in the…

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So Dear to My Heart

Did You Know? 12 Blue-Ribbon Facts About Walt Disney’s So Dear to My Heart

By Jim Fanning

Told through the golden glow of nostalgia, Walt Disney’s So Dear to My Heart celebrates 70 years of humor, music, and animation. Released on January 19, 1949, this heartfelt film is set in 1903, in Fulton Corners, Indiana, where young Jeremiah “Jerry” Kincaid (Disney star Bobby Driscoll) adopts a mischievous black lamb he names Danny after famed…

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