Set of four postcard designs and four patch designs displayed on a white background. They depict colorful designs inspired by Up, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins and The Incredibles.

Greetings from D23… Postcard Patches at Outdoor Screenings this Summer!

By Peyton Liebler

Summertime is here, and what better way to escape than with a relaxing vacay to a fan-favorite far-off place? We are so excited to bring the ultimate Disney fans closer to these unforgettable destinations with special outdoor screenings celebrating milestone anniversaries of our favorite movies, in partnership with Street Food Cinema.

At each of these sensational summer screenings, D23 Members with tickets to these events will receive a very special “Postcard Patch” as their event gift! Featuring a postcard print with artwork of some of the Disney destinations showcased in these beloved films, each postcard comes with a collectible embroidered patch attached to the back. These patches are inspired by classic postage stamps, with designs showcasing some of our favorite elements from these beloved stories! We hope you take these as a treasured memento from your time at these special screenings under the stars. And if you’re visiting us for all the screenings this summer, it’s a sure bet you’ll have quite the postcard and “stamp” collection by season end!

Postcard design of Paradise Falls, featuring artwork of the rocky cliffside paradise with Carl’s house floating by. Patch design features Carl’s house on it.

Paradise Falls – Kicking off our tour of the many worlds of Disney, we started these screenings in the lush jungles and sweeping plateaus of Paradise Falls! D23 Members who celebrated 15 Years of Up with us received the first postcard patch of this series! This postcard features the breathtaking vistas of this South American destination, along with Carl’s iconic balloon-tethered home floating above the rocky plateaus. The patch features a design inspired by the welcoming and colorful profile of the Fredricksen house, sitting peacefully at its final address—next to the roaring cliffside waters of Paradise Falls.

Postcard design of Under The Sea featuring artwork of King Triton’s Palace in Atlantica. Patch design features Ariel sitting on a rock.

Under the Sea As Sebastian puts it in The Little Mermaid, the human world… it’s a mess. And life under the sea is better than anything we have up here! Next up in this series is a postcard from the place where there’s no troubles, and life is the bubbles—Under the Sea! This postcard features the shining royal palace home of King Triton and his daughters, including Ariel. The patch that accompanies this postcard features the silhouette of the young mermaid, as she looks for a life up where they stay all day in the sun. We’re just glad she’s part of OUR world! D23 Members can still purchase tickets to this special 35th Anniversary Screening of The Little Mermaid on Saturday, June 8, and enjoy the film from the refreshing waters of the Hansen Dam Aquatic Center or the warm sands of the adjacent poolside beach!

Postcard design London featuring artwork of the city skyline and Mary Poppins’ Silhouette. Patch design features the parrot handle of Mary Poppins’ Umbrella.

London – Winds in the east… mist coming in… like something is brewing… about to begin! Lo and behold, it’s a postcard featuring the lovely London sky and a certain practically perfect nanny sailing through the clouds. Celebrating 60 years of Mary Poppins, D23 brings you a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious keepsake, adding a spoonful of sugar to your collection. The patch paired with this postcard features the chatterbox parrot handle of Mary Poppins’ enchanted umbrella. You can snag this gift by visiting us on Saturday, June 29, for a Jolly Holiday screening of the beloved classic at Griffith Park (right next to the storied carousel which inspired Walt’s dream for Disneyland!) Tickets are available for D23 Members now, so step in time!

Postcard design of Nomanisan Island featuring artwork of The island volcano and the Manta-jet. Patch design features the Omnidroid.

Nomanisan Island When we look back on the memories made at the action-packed tropical hideout of Syndrome, the word INCREDIBLE comes to mind! If your weakness is an attraction to power, we’re positive the volcanic vistas of Nomanisan Island from The Incredibles are going to add the right bit of heat to your collection. Featuring the island and the aeronautic-yet-aquatic Manta Jet soaring past, it’s always a super time in Nomanisan… especially if you’re in for an impromptu family trip. Celebrating 20 incredible years of this fan-favorite film, the patch on this postcard depicts the ostentatious Omnidroid—an evil innovation of Syndrome that was ultimately thwarted by the superpowered Parr family! Leading up to D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event this summer, D23 Members can join us at Pearson Park Amphitheatre for a screening celebration of The Incredibles on Monday, August 5, that’s sure to be TOTALLY WICKED!