Our Dream Disney “Grandparents”

It’s been said that grandparents are “the best kind of grown-ups”—and we agree! They shower you with love, and they often offer pearls of wisdom gleaned from their years of life experience. (And if you’re really lucky, they also spoil you rotten with delicious baked goods and other fun treats.) They don’t have to be biologically related, either; some of the greatest mentors in life are older friends you can lean on in times of need. And that got us to thinking… What if grandma or grandpa was an actual Disney character? It might just be the best thing ever! So we’ve compiled a rundown of some of our dream Disney “grandparents,” both animated and live-action, including ones that are a little off the beaten track. See if your fantasy “Grams” and “Pawpaw” made the cut!

Click on the images below to see our thoughts: