Olaf relaxing

How to Relax—Disney-Style

By Nicole Nalty

Here at D23, we believe Labor Day is an underrated holiday: a guaranteed three-day weekend, plus a day dedicated to rest and relaxation? Yes, please! If you’re a Disney fan who is always on the go (just look at your pedometer after a day at the parks!), here are a few ways to chill out this holiday, straight from some of our coolest characters. And make sure to check out the Disney Gif app, for Apple and Android, for more moments from your  favorite Disney films.

After a long day, it’s tough to unwind.

Cinderella - zzz

So take a stretch break…

101 Dalmatians - zzz

And get ready for some serious R&R.

Winnie the Pooh - zzz

You could watch a movie…

WALL-E gets a new hat

Or listen to some of your favorite music.

The Aristocats

You could beat your high score…

Big Hero 6 - zzz

Or just enjoy the outdoors.

Olaf - Relax

Take a swim…

Olaf - swim

Or treat yourself to a sensational snack.

Remy - eat grapes

Whatever you do, just don’t think about going back to work or school tomorrow…

Winnie the Pooh

Happy Labor Day!