fanciful invitation card stating Fill in the blank to write the Disney-est Acceptance Speech

Fill in the Blank to Write the Disney-est Oscar® Acceptance Speech Ever

This Sunday, February 22, Oscars® will be handed out for best performances by real-live actors in leading and supporting roles, and every winner will deliver a speech expressing their gratitude. Some of these speeches will be moving, some will be inspiring and—let's be honest—some might be just a tad boring. We think a guaranteed way to liven up the festivities would be to give an award or two to a Disney character; but since Hiro and Baymax aren't nominated this year, we're letting you fill in the blanks to create your own uniquely Disney acceptance speech.

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  1. Disney Villain:
  2. Adjective:
  3. Name of Disney Parks Attraction:
  4. Disney Hero/Heroine's Talent:
  5. Disney Character's Magical Ability:
  6. Name of Disney Animal:
  7. Adjective:
  8. A Type of Disney Monster or Creature:
  9. Marvel Super Hero:
  10. A Disney Princess:
  11. One of the Toy Story Gang:
  12. A Pixar Character:
  13. Quality Embodied By a Disney Princess
  14. Name of a Disney Kingdom or Land:
  15. Real Oscar®-Winning Actress:
  16. Line from Classic Disney Song:
  17. Adjective:
  18. Adjective:

Don't scroll past this point until you've written down all your answers!

photo of a beaming Walt Disney holding four Oscar(R)s to his chest

I'm so humbled to be holding this Oscar®. Several years ago, (1._____________) came to me with the script for How (2._____________) is (3._____________) and told me that this was a story that needed to be told. Of course I was too frightened to say, "No," and I began preparing for my role by learning to (4._____________) and practicing (5._____________). The story of (6._____________) is such a (7._____________) one, and I like to think that I speak for him/her as well as all of the (8. ) that do not have voices of their own. It is such an honor to be nominated alongside such amazing talents as (9._____________), (10._____________), and (11._____________).

Don't you think about playing me off, Mr. Conductor! I'm not finished! I would like to dedicate this award to (12._____________) for teaching me that hard work and (13._____________) can take a former kid from (14._____________) and put them on the big screen alongside (15._____________). In the words of one of my closest friends, "(16._____________). I would like to thank my (17._____________) mother and father, my delightfully (18._____________) agent, and, of course, the Academy for this great honor."

The Oscars air February 22 on ABC.