Collage of Disney Characters from Various Films

Disney Films Receive Nine Oscar Nominations

With the Oscar® telecast coming up this Sunday, pop culture junkies and office comrades around the country are passing around ballots to try to guess who will win on the big night.

D23 is all about giving a voice to the fans, so we decided, “To heck with guessing!"—we're going to let you vote!

Thanks for voting! See who won below.

Best Critter in a Supporting Role

Gus, Cinderella
Emile, Ratatouille
Meeko, Pocahontas
WINNER- Pascal, Tangled
Thumper, Bambi
Best Costume for a Ball or Special Occasion

Anna in her coronation dress, Frozen
Aurora in her magical pink and blue gown, Sleeping Beauty
WINNER- Cinderella in her ball gown, Cinderella
Charlotte in her masquerade ball gown, The Princess and the Frog
Giselle in her wedding gown, Enchanted
Best Special Effects by a Villain

Chernabog, Fantasia
Dr. Facilier, The Princess and the Frog
Judge Doom, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Yokai, Big Hero 6
WINNER- Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty
Best Act of Bravery by a Hero in a Leading Role

Carl rescuing Russell and Kevin, Up
Hercules fighting the hydra, Hercules
Merida vowing to save her mother, Brave
WINNER- Mulan volunteering to fight on behalf of her father, Mulan
Quasimodo helping Esmeralda escape, The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Best Song Sung by a Leading Character About Their Hopes and Dreams

Disney Legend Howard Ashman called this the “I Want" song, where the main character sings about what they want, usually one of the first three songs in a classic fairytale musical.
“Almost There," The Princess and the Frog
“Belle," Beauty and the Beast
“Out There," The Hunchback of Notre Dame
WINNER- “Part of Your World," The Little Mermaid
“Someday My Prince Will Come," Snow White
Best Scenic Design of a Castle

WINNER- The Beast's Castle, Beauty and the Beast
King Candy's Castle, Wreck-It Ralph
The Palace of Agrabah, Aladdin
Rapunzel's Castle, Tangled
Sleeping Beauty Castle, Sleeping Beauty

The Oscars air February 22 on ABC.

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