Unseen Artifacts Unveils Marvelous Screen Magic

By the D23 Team

It’s no secret that the Walt Disney Archives is home to some truly incredible treasures… items of huge historical importance that also happen to be extremely cool. (It’s a win-win situation, honestly.) Sure, there are amazing pieces that have traveled in one of the Archives’ fantastic exhibits, seen by fans around the globe—but for every item at one of those events, there are countless more back “home” in the Archives’ vast warehouse. Thankfully, some of those hidden artifacts are about to have their time in the spotlight!

In this debut episode of the brand-new video series Unseen Artifacts, Rick Lorentz, acquisitions manager for the Walt Disney Archives (helped along the way by warehouse associate Brian Ball), shows us how some positively thrilling big- and small-screen magic was created. You’ll get a closer look at previously unseen props and costumes from The Prestige, Modern Family, and the 2015 live-action Cinderella.

Stay tuned for more Unseen Artifacts in the coming weeks!