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What the Walt Disney Archives Staff is Watching on Disney+, Part Three

By The Walt Disney Archives

For the last two weeks (part 1 and part 2), we’ve been sharing what’s on the Disney+ watchlists of the Walt Disney Archives staff. Looking for your next Disney+ movie night selection? Check out the suggestions below, and be sure to look for the summer 2020 issue of Disney twenty-three, the exclusive magazine for D23 Gold Members for…

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archives coloring books

Coloring Books from the Walt Disney Archives

By Matt Moryc, Walt Disney Archives

Few activities are as affordable, expressive, and engaging as coloring books. Each page offers the chance to become your own personal art director, encouraging on-the-spot creative decisions such as: Will you stay within the lines? Will you use colors that accurately reflect the scene? Will you add embellishments to the page?…

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Fess Parker

Legendary Handprints – Fess Parker

By Julia Vargas, Walt Disney Archives

To those who grew up in the 1950s, he was known as the “King of the Wild Frontier.” While not initially considered for the role, Fess Parker was handpicked by Walt Disney to play Davy Crockett in the new Disneyland television series after spotting him in the 1954 sci–fi picture Them! Debuting on December 15, 1954, to an…

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Laugh-O-Gram Megaphone

By Rick Lorentz, Walt Disney Archives

As an Archivist at the Walt Disney Archives, I’m often asked, “What is your favorite thing in the Archives?” and “What is the oldest object in the Archives?” For me, the most interesting pieces are the assets that were once the personal property of Walt Disney.  One example that encompasses both Walt’s ownership and…

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fantastic mr. fox

Fantastic Foxes

By Cesar Gallegos, Walt Disney Archives

Wes Anderson’s Academy Award® nominated film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, follows the adventures of a clever fox and his family. The 2009 film also pays a nice homage to another film featuring an animated fox as its main character—Disney’s Robin Hood (1973).

The scene in question shows Mr. Fox and his family relaxing outside…

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robin hood

What the Walt Disney Archives Staff is Watching on Disney+, Part Two

By The Walt Disney Archives

Last week, we shared some of the Disney+ picks from the Walt Disney Archives Staff. Need more ideas for your watchlist?  The Archives team has selected a few of their favorites, and the reasons behind their picks, to help you make a selection in a pinch. From vintage classics to modern marvels, they’ve got you covered!

Check back…

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Glad Tidings: The Walt Disney Archives Finds a Lost Treasure

By Becky Cline, Director, Walt Disney Archives

Reverend Paul Ford: [reading Pollyanna’s locket] When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you surely will. – Abraham Lincoln.
Pollyanna: He was the President.
Reverend Paul Ford: Yes, yes I know … but I never heard that before.
Pollyanna:  Neither had my father. Anyway, he said it started…

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20,000 leagues under the sea

What the Walt Disney Archives Staff is Watching on Disney+, Part One

By The Walt Disney Archives

Grab some snacks and your remote and get ready to surf Disney+ with this movie guide from the staff of the Walt Disney Archives.

With hundreds of titles to pick from, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the offerings found on the streaming service—the Archives team has selected a few of their favorites, and the reasons behind their…

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mary poppins archives

Practically Perfect Concepts

By Kevin Kern, Walt Disney Archives

Mary Poppins represents a monumental work of artistry. From inception through development and production, the end result embodies a filmic experience so grand and unique that no one artistic stroke can take responsibility for the final product.

Walt Disney’s keen sense of craftsmanship and eye for quality helped him corral a…

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History at Work: Disney Insider Goes Inside the Walt Disney Archives

By Robert Maxhimer, Walt Disney Archives

One of the greatest benefits of developing and producing exhibitions for the Walt Disney Archives is having access to the seemingly endless resources from the rich and timeless history of The Walt Disney Company’s last 97 years. In fact, one of our greatest challenges in curating exhibitions is how to develop a theme that…

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