Ticket to Dream

Ticket to Dream: Disneyland Treasures from the Archives

By Kevin Kern, Walt Disney Archives

Do you remember the first time you passed through the turnstiles and into a Disney Park? That unmistakable feeling of excitement—the sense that magic is just a few feet away within the many realms of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy—is shared by all who come to these happy places. It’s an exhilarating feeling that millions…

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archives disneyland parades

Seasons of Sunshine at Disneyland

By Julia Vargas, Walt Disney Archives

Warm weather and sunshine have always been a cause for celebration, especially at Disneyland. Over the years, numerous parades and events have been held at the Park during the spring and summer months for Guests to enjoy.

One long–running tradition held at the Park was the “Old Fashioned Easter Parade,” which debuted on…

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flying dutchman

Pirates of the Caribbean Flying Dutchman models

By Rick Lorentz, Walt Disney Archives

These Flying Dutchman models help showcase the amount of time and detail that went into creating the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Each model is like a “work of art,” combining early artist renderings, concept art, production notes, and real historical ships into one finely detailed final product. The Flying Dutchman is…

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Walt with animator models

Walt Disney and the Creation of the Character Model Department

By Nikki Nguyen, Walt Disney Archives

Disney animators have been bringing characters to life for decades, skillfully using various mediums to create exciting, immersive worlds with fully-developed characters that generations of fans have grown to love. Let’s take a peek at how Walt Disney created a department to help animators better conceptualize what would…

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Cinderella Glass Slippers

Cinderella Live-Action Glass Slipper

By Rick Lorentz, Walt Disney Archives

Perhaps the most iconic shoes in fairy tale history are the sparkling glass slippers worn by Cinderella. As a repository dedicated to preserving the most memorable costumes from Disney films, we always assumed that the shiny slippers would never be a part of our collection—they only existed as the result of an artist’s…

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Summer Magic

Summer Magic: Saving a Cinematic Relic on the Disney Backlot

By Rick Lorentz, Walt Disney Archives

Acquiring objects for the multiple collections of the Walt Disney Archives may take one of many routes. Typically, television and film productions will offer props and costumes to the Archives once a production has wrapped. If an attraction undergoes refurbishment or permanently closes, Disney Parks and Resorts will receive an…

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love simon

With PRIDE: The Props of Love, Simon

By Jennifer Vanoni, Walt Disney Archives

Love, Simon is a charming adaptation, notable as the first film by a major Hollywood studio to focus on a gay teenage romance. The film features a diverse cast and fun, everyday film props.

Nerdy side-note: Alexandra Shipp plays Abby, one of Simon’s best friends in the film and also stars as Storm in more than one X-Men…

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Donald Duck

Donald Duck, Model Citizen

By Becky Cline, Director, Walt Disney Archives

Universally acclaimed and internationally adored for his often-explosive qualities, Donald Duck is one of the world’s most famous and beloved personalities. He is also a model United States citizen!

A star was hatched with the June 9, 1934, release of Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony The Wise Little Hen, in which the…

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walt disney

Walt’s Woking Way

By Mike Buckhoff, Walt Disney Archives

In perhaps the most iconic photo of Walt Disney, Walt stands with a serious gaze out of a doorway as the shadow of his most famous creation reflects off the wall. For many years, the most puzzling aspect of this photo was… where was this taken? Of course, those who were involved knew the truth but that information faded away…

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