Alice Davis's Grapefruit Blueberry Delight Recipes

Alice Davis’s Grapefruit Blueberry Delight

Alice says that for years, Marc would never eat grapefruit because he’d gotten sick from grapefruit gin during prohibition. But this simple concoction is a treat they enjoyed regularly. Alice learned to make it from Mrs. Nelbert Murphy Chouinard, founder of the prestigious Chouinard Arts Institute (where Alice met her husband).

“She invited me to her house for lunch and she served it.

I think it’s just very refreshing and healthy,” Alice says.


  1. Just French cut a grapefruit (take out the sections and cut off the membrane).
  2. Pour a can of Oregon blueberries over the fruit and chill for at least an hour. “Oregon blueberries are big and juicy, as opposed to others which can be bullet-like and hard,” she says.
  3. Serve for breakfast, over ice cream, or add fresh avocado and mixed greens for a salad.