Zenon: The Zequel (television)

Zenon: The Zequel (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie; airing first on January 12, 2001. Zenon and Nebula are back to their old tricks, and as punishment for an “innocent” accident, Zenon is given the most boring job in the world—working in the Alien Patrol Room. Boring, because aliens never contact them. But Zenon soon finds herself on a mission to help out some homeless aliens. Directed by Manny Coto. Stars Kirsten Storms (Zenon), Shadia Simmons (Nebula), Holly Fulger (Aunt Judy), Phillip Rhys (Proto Zoa), Stuart Pankin (Commander Plank). Shadia Simmons takes the role of Nebula played by Raven-Symone in the first film. Since sets from the original movie were not saved, new sets had to be constructed for the filming, which took place in Auckland, New Zealand. Released on video in 2002.