You Wish! (television)

You Wish! (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie, premiering on January 10, 2003. Alex, a 16-year-old, wishes that his tagalong younger brother, Stevie, would disappear, and his wish comes true after he acquires a magical coin. Alex’s life is suddenly transformed, with wealthy parents, improved athletic skills, the dog he always wanted, and even a popular girlfriend. But no Stevie, who has been transformed into a child star with his own television show. Soon, Alex realizes that his new life is not as great as he thought it might be; he misses his brother, and searches for a way to bring him back. Directed by Paul Hoen. Based on the novel by Jackie French Koller. Stars AJ Trauth (Alex Lansing), Spencer Breslin (Stevie Lansing/Terence Russell McCormack), Lalaine (Abby Richardson), Tim Reid (Larry), Peter Feeney (Dave Lansing), Sally Stockwell (Pam Lansing), Ari Boyland (James), Emma Lahana (Fiona), Joshua Leys (Gary), Jay Bunyan (Charles). Filmed in New Zealand.