Willie and the Yank (television)

Willie and the Yank (television) Three-part television show, aired on January 8, 15, and 22, 1967.  Directed by Michael O’Herlihy.  The three episodes are The Deserter, The Mosby Raiders, and The Matchmaker.  A lonely Confederate guard, Willie Prentiss, befriends his Union counterpart, Henry Jenkins, across the river and their friendship lasts through many incidents.  Henry helps Willie escape after he accidentally wounds his commanding officer, Lieutenant Mosby, but he is arrested as a spy.  When he escapes, he joins Mosby’s band in trying to capture a Union general.  Jenkins is captured, and falls for Willie’s cousin, Oralee.  Stars James MacArthur, Nick Adams, Kurt Russell, Jack Ging, Peggy Lipton, Jeanne Cooper.  Released theatrically abroad as Mosby’s Marauders.