What’s Love Got to Do with It (film)

What’s Love Got to Do with It (film) The story of singer Tina Turner’s tumultous life. She meets Ike Turner in a local nightclub. Ike is attracted to her and impressed with her powerful voice. With his help, the couple shoot straight to the top of the music world. Tina marries Ike and seems to have it all, but Ike becomes a brooding, brutal husband who threatens to destroy both their careers. With great courage, and the help of religious meditation, she leaves Ike and their career behind, and starts over again by herself. Slowly and steadily she succeeds, but not without interference from Ike, who believes her popularity is entirely due to him and that she will return to him. As Tina’s personal successes mount, Ike realizes that she can indeed do it alone, reaching even greater heights of success and fulfillment. Initial release on June 9, 1993; general release on June 11, 1993. Directed by Brian Gibson. A Touchstone film. 118 min. Stars Angela Bassett (Tina Turner), Laurence Fishburne (Ike Turner). Based on Tina Turner’s autobiography, I, Tina. Rather than construct a film set, the producers used Ike and Tina Turner’s actual California home. Tina Turner recorded the songs for the film herself. Released on video in 1994.