War at Home, The (film)

War at Home, The (film) A Vietnam veteran, Jeremy Collier, has returned to his Texas hometown, but a year later, at Thanksgiving 1973, he has still been unable to forget his traumatic experiences during the war. His family does not know how to deal with him. During the Thanksgiving weekend, Jeremy’s rancour ignites a family confrontation that shakes the Colliers down to their very foundation as a family. A Touchstone Picture, in association with Avatar Entertainment and the Motion Picture Corporation of America. Directed by Emilio Estevez. Limited release in New York and Los Angeles on November 22, 1996. Stars Emilio Estevez (Jeremy Collier), Kathy Bates (Maurine Collier), Martin Sheen (Bob Collier), Kimberly Williams (Karen Collier). 124 min. Based on the 1984 Broadway play Homefront, by James Duff. Filmed on location in Austin, Texas. Released on video in 1997.