Walt Disney Classics Collection, The

Walt Disney Classics Collection, The Premiered in 1992 as the first line of fine animation art sculptures produced directly by the Walt Disney Studios. Licensees took over in 2001. It uses authentic Disney animation principles and materials to bring to life memorable moments and characters from Disney animated classics. The meticulously crafted figurines, created from a special low-fire porcelain, can be displayed singly or grouped to re-create entire scenes, and some have been plussed with materials such as crystal, blown glass, and precious metals. Each sculpture bears a special symbol connoting the year in which it was made, along with a backstamp featuring Walt Disney’s signature. Since its introduction, the collection has become highly popular because of its attention to quality and because early pieces produced in limited editions have increased dramatically in value. Numerous clubs of Classics Collection collectors have sprung up around the country, as well as the official one, The Walt Disney Collectors Society.