Valiant (film)

Valiant (film) In England during World War II, a young pigeon, Valiant, inspired by the heroic exploits of squadron leader Gutsy of the Royal Homing Pigeon Service, decides to join up. In Trafalgar Square, Valiant meets up with a Cockney con-bird, Bugsy, who also enlists. After a rigorous training period, they and their Squadron F are sent to France to collect a message from the Resistance despite attacks by a brigade of vicious enemy falcons, led by the ruthless General Von Talon. A CGI-animated film from Walt Disney Pictures, Vanguard Animation, and Ealing Studios, released in the United States by Buena Vista on August 19, 2005. Originally released in the United Kingdom on March 25, 2005. Directed by Gary Chapman. Voices include Ewan McGregor (Valiant), Ricky Gervais (Bugsy), Tim Curry (General Von Talon), Jim Broadbent (Sergeant), Hugh Laurie (Gutsy), John Cleese (Mercury), John Hurt (Felix). 76 min. Released on DVD in 2005.