Under the Tuscan Sun (film)

Under the Tuscan Sun (film) Freshly divorced San Francisco writer Frances Mayes is depressed, but her best friend, Patti, offers a gift to try to shake Frances out of her lethargy—a ten-day trip to Tuscany, in the heart of Italy. Once there, under the Tuscan sun, Frances impulsively buys a run-down villa named “Bramasole,” literally “something that yearns for the sun.” As she embraces the local ways and devotes herself to the restoration of her new home, Frances finds herself forming close bonds with people around her and slowly rediscovers the pleasures of laughter, friendship, and romance. A Touchstone Picture. Directed by Audrey Wells. Released on September 26, 2003. Stars Diane Lane (Frances Mayes), Sandra Oh (Patti), Lindsay Duncan (Katherine), Raoul Bova (Marcello), Vincent Riotta (Martini). 115 min. Based on the book by Frances Mayes. Filmed on location in Cortona, Positano, Rome, and Florence, Italy. Released on video in 2004.