Twitches (television)

Twitches (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie; premiered on October 14, 2005. Twin sisters, Alex and Camryn, were separated shortly after birth in the otherworldly kingdom of Coventry and quickly sent to Earth to escape the dangers of an evil force. At birth, their wizard father assigned each twin a protector, Ileana and Karsh, and from there, each girl was adopted and raised in wildly disparate homes. When they finally meet each other on their twenty-first birthday, they learn they have extraordinary, mysterious powers. Now, Alex and Camryn struggle to accept the truth about their past and the extent of their magic, and set out to find their birth mother. But when they learn they are the only hope to save Coventry, the sisters must battle the evil forces of Darkness that once threatened to destroy them. Directed by Stuart Gillard. Stars Tia Mowry (Alex), Tamera Mowry (Camryn), Kristen Wilson (Miranda), Patrick Fabian (Thantos), Pat Kelly (Karsh). 86 min.