Turner & Hooch (film)

Turner & Hooch (film) Small-town police detective Scott Turner’s life is suddenly turned around when an elderly friend is murdered and Turner unwillingly takes in Hooch, the friend’s huge, sloppy, ill-mannered dog, who is the only witness to the murder. Soon Hooch has completely wrecked Turner’s house and complicated his budding romance with veterinarian Emily Carson, but the mismatched pair eventually form a partnership in outwitting the crooks. Released on July 28, 1989. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. A Touchstone film. 98 min. Stars Tom Hanks (Scott Turner), Mare Winningham (Emily Carson). Hooch was portrayed by Beasley, a dog of the French breed called the De Bordeaux. Filmed on Terminal Island near Los Angeles, in San Pedro, and on the Monterey Peninsula. Released on video in 1990.