True Identity (film)

True Identity (film) After a long series of discouraging auditions, an aspiring black actor, Miles Pope, takes a flight home. When his plane begins to crash, the passenger in the seat next to him confesses that he is the infamous mob boss Frank Luchino, a man the FBI believes to be dead. The airplane eventually lands safely, but Miles’s relief is short lived. He is the only man alive who knows the truth about Luchino and he soon becomes the target of a contract hit man. Forced to hide his true identity under a parade of new disguises, including changing his skin color to white, Miles sets out to protect his life, reveal the crime lord’s secret, and realize his dream of being a great actor. Released on August 23, 1991. Directed by Charles Lane. A Touchstone film. 93 min. Stars Lenny Henry (Miles), Frank Langella (Carver), Charles Lane (Duane). Filmed at locations in New York and Los Angeles. Released on video in 1992.