Trenchcoat (film)

Trenchcoat (film) While vacationing in Malta, aspiring mystery writer Mickey Raymond gets mixed up with disappearing corpses, disbelieving police, a federal agent in disguise, kidnappers, terrorists, and stolen plutonium. She and the federal agent—with whom she is becoming romantically involved—narrowly escape an explosion set to kill them, and they capture the terrorists instead. Released on March 11, 1983. Directed by Michael Tuchner. 92 min. Stars Margot Kidder (Mickey), Robert Hays (Terry), David Suchet (Inspector Stagnos), Gila Von Weitershausen (Eva Warner), Ronald Lacey (Princess Aida), Donald Faraldo (Nino), John Justin (Marquis de Pena). Before the creation of the Touchstone label, of which this would most likely have been an example, the film was simply not released as a “Disney” film. The film was shot on location on the island of Malta, in the town of Valletta, Verdala Castle, Hagar Qim Temple, the Grand Master’s Palace Armory, the Mosta Dome, St. Paul’s Catacombs, and the Dragonara Palace Hotel and Casino. Released on video in 1983.