Tough Guys (film)

Tough Guys (film) Two train robbers of the old school, Harry Doyle and Archie Long, are released from prison, but they find it very difficult adjusting to modern society. They come to realize that their age has caught up to them, but desire one more moment of glory. Aided by their probation officer who has hero-worshipped them for years, they attempt to pull off one last train robbery—on the final run of the train they had failed to rob 18 years before. Premiere in San Luis Obispo, California, on September 30, 1986; general release on October 3, 1986. Directed by Jeff Kanew. A Touchstone Picture. 103 min. Stars Burt Lancaster (Harry Doyle), Kirk Douglas (Archie Long), Charles Durning (Deke Yablonski), Alexis Smith (Belle), Dana Carvey (in his motion picture debut as Richie Evans), Eli Wallach (Leon B. Little). The train used in the film is Southern Pacific’s steam engine 4449, an oil-burning locomotive constructed in 1940 and designed for passenger trains on the Los Angeles-San Francisco run. The engine had been retired in 1957 and placed on display in Oaks Park in Portland, Oregon. As it travelled south to the Los Angeles area for the filming, thousands of train buffs frequently lined the route to catch a glimpse of the venerable old locomotive. The climactic railroad sequences were filmed south of Palm Springs on the Eagle Mountain line. Released on video in 1987.